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Blanc de Blancs 2018 Extra Brut

Blanc de Blancs 2018 Extra Brut
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❍ ABV: 12 %
❍ Country: Taiwan
❍ Variety:Golden Muscat, 60-year-old vines, Houli Vineyard & Puli Estate

• Whole-cluster press, base wine fermented and aged one-year in small stainless steel vessel
• Méthode Traditionnelle - secondary bottle fermentation and aged sur latte, hand riddled and disgorged.
• Tirage – July 2019
• Dégorgement/first batch – August 2021
• 1600 bottles handcrafted The 2018 vintage extra brut is a rich, elegant expression of a specially blessed dry growing season of

Golden Muscat grapes from our Houli vineyard and Puli Estate. Framed in delicate bubbles and a translucent lime yellow hue, the charming varietal tropical citrusy flavors are brought to light in richly textured complexity. It is a wine of honest integrity, from the land, the grape, to the people who guided it to be. 

Expressive pear, citrus, herbal aromas expand in the palate with wild green mango, pineapple, lime, dappled with honey, key lime pie, white pepper and some spicy notes. Deep zesty mineral acidity and savory nutty tones further flared the complexity to a lingering finish. This is a rhythmic, story-telling jazz piece at play, we hear Bill Evans trio live in the background. To this tune, we nod to a Weightstone signature sparkling wine!

grape wine
750 mililiter

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