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Weightstone Mussan Blanc 2020

Weightstone Mussan Blanc 2020
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❍ ABV: 10.5 %
❍ Country: Taiwan
❍ Variety:100% Estate Grown Musann Blanc ½-hectare Puyen Estate, hand-harvested at night Wild yeast, mainly whole-cluster press, small portion of berry-macerated verjus, slow fermentation and aging in stainless steel and two old French oak barrels, 9-month sur lie, 2-month gentle bâtonnage, light filtration.

• 2690 bottles handcrafted.

Alluring aromas of lychee and caramel are dappled with mineral, white pepper notes. A fresh fruity entry delights the senses, carried through the palate in balanced acidity, refined herbal and savory tones, and a textured finish, culminating to a lasting impression of Musann’s adaptive vitality to all that Nature gives her. 2020 vintage further instilled in us that vines are like us, they need time and good care to heal and flourish. With lower budbreak in the spring and 14-day continuous downpour at the end of May further complicating the growing season, we held on and ripened the grapes as long as we could. In winemaking, we blended a small-batch specially made berry-macerated verjus and allowed all wine to ferment and age slowly over a year. Our gentle approach rendered an expression of delicate, elegant purity. 

grape wine
750 mililiter

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