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Blanc de Musann 2018 Extra Brut

Blanc de Musann 2018 Extra Brut
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❍ ABV: 10 %
❍ Country: Taiwan
❍ Variety: 100% Musann Blanc, Puyen Estate, hand-harvested at night In 2018 a small block of our Puyen Estate was harvested at the desired tartness for sparkling winemaking, we listened and made our first small-batch sparkling wine of 100% Musann Blanc, remaining loyal to classic Méthode Traditionnelle. Refined mousse and subtle spicy aromas open the senses to delicate layers of lychee, pomelo, tangerine, dried apricot, almond and earthy swirls of herbs and spices. This marks the beginning of our exploration into the varietal's possibility through aged complexity. An adventurous spirit, dancing freely and at one with this island.

Blanc de Musann 2018 Extra Brut

• 100% Musann Blanc, Puyen Estate, hand-harvested at night
• Whole-cluster gentle press with some overnight macerated crushed berry cuvée, base wine fermented and aged one-year in small stainless steel vessel
• Méthode Traditionnelle – secondary bottle fermentation and aged sur latte, riddled and disgorged by hand.
• Tirage in June 2019, first batch dégorgement in October 2021 with 1.6 grams per liter dosage.
• 1730 bottles handcrafted

grape wine
750 mililiter

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